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2012 Northeast Wetland Restoration Institute

The 2012 Northeast Regional Wetland Restoration Institute took place in Tully, New York from October 8-12, 2012. 

Participants assisted in the design and construction of two wetlands from start to finish and spent much of the week investigating natural and restored wetlands and streams, learning about wetland drainage from a historical perspective, and reviewing computer-based site selection tools among many other activities.

Previous Wetland Restoration Institutes have been nicknamed "Wetland Boot Camp."

Workshop Agenda
Workshop Photo Album

Most workshop activities will occur on Heiberg Memorial Forest and Tully Field Station in the Town of Tully, NY.

Partial list of publications received by participants:

    • Wetland Drainage, Restoration, and Repair, book by Thomas R. Biebighauser, University Press of Kentucky
    • Wetland Restoration and Construction, a Technical Guide by Thomas R. Biebighauser and published by The Wetland Trust
    • Wetland Restoration Handbook for Wisconsin Landowners, 2nd Edition, book by Alice L. Thompson and Charles S. Luthin
    • How to Build a Vernal Pool, article by Thomas R. Biebighauser and Cindy Han
    • Eastern Box Turtle Management Poster, by John Byrd, Clinch River Ecological Station
    • Midwestern Ephemeral Wetlands, article by Ed Hammer
    • An Introduction to Mid-Atlantic Seasonal Pools by Lesley J. Brown and Robin E. Jung
    • Agri-Drain Company Catalog

More on Tom Biebighauser,

Tom Biebighauser has restored over 1,400 emergent, ephemeral, forested, shrub, and wet-meadow wetlands on public and private lands in 18-states and 2- Canadian provinces. He carries a deep and long-standing concern for environmental issues, and thus, finds it rewarding to repair wetlands that have failed, and to assist like-minded land managers who are initiating wetland and stream restoration programs.

Tom enjoys leading workshops where participants learn about wetland and stream restoration by actually constructing wetlands, and has instructed hands-on wetland training in Alabama, Arizona, California, Colorado, Illinois, Kentucky, Maryland, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Missouri, Mississippi, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, West Virginia, British Columbia, and Ontario. He has also helped over 90 teachers build wetlands at their schools for use as outdoor classrooms, and encourages hundreds of students each year to put on waders and venture into wetlands for exploration.

Tom's passion for wetland and stream restoration has resulted in his receiving numerous awards during his career, including recognition for outstanding accomplishments in resource conservation practices from Goodyear Tire and the National Association of Conservation Districts, as well as three National Taking Wing Awards for leadership, community involvement, and outstanding accomplishments. He also was awarded a National Wings Across the Americas Conservation Award for significant contributions to bat management and wetland restoration.

In 2003, Tom wrote and published the book A Guide to Creating Vernal Ponds, which he used in his workshops as a training guide. His second book, Wetland Drainage, Restoration, and Repair, was well received upon its release in 2007.

Tom and his wife Dee have two married children and two grandchildren. They are both active in their church, where Tom is a Sunday School teacher. When he isn't exploring and photographing wetlands, he can be found making improvements to their farm in Kentucky, which Dee has aptly named Twisted Arm Farm.

He invites you to visit the Center for Wetlands and Stream Restoration website: www.wetlandsandstreamrestoration.org, or to e-mail him at tombiebighauser@gmail.com.

Tom Biebighauser


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