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INITIATIVE: Central NY In Lieu Fee Wetland Mitigation Program

The Wetland Trust (TWT,) has a US Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) approved In-Lieu Fee (ILF) Wetland Mitigation Program. This program covers 15 service areas in New York (see map and google map below). The program takes a scientifically based watershed approach to ensure that wetland mitigation results in the highest quality restorations by targeting the best sites for wetland habitat quality, species diversity and long term sustainability.

For those who are required by the USACE to mitigate a wetland impact, an ILF program is an excellent option.

How does it work?

  • The USACE determines how much mitigation is required in the form of “Mitigation Credits.”
  • The permittee contacts TWT about purchasing those credits. This process can be completed through a simple request and payment.
  • Most importantly, once purchased the permittee has fulfilled all wetland mitigation requirements for their project. Once the transaction is completed TWT, not the permittee, is held responsible for the long-term success of the wetland those credits represent (whereas the reverse is true with a standard wetland mitigation project).
  • One credit costs between $77,843 and $91,580.
Unadilla/Susquehanna $91,580 Mohawk $91,580 Lower Genesee $77,843
Tioughnioga/Chenango $91,580 Schoharie $91,580 Upper Genesee $77,843
Cayuta/Catatonk/Owego $91,580 Schoharie – NYC $91,580 Finger Lakes $77,843
Canisteo $91,580 Upper Delaware $91,580 Oneida $77,843
Cohocton/Chemung $77,843 Upper Delaware -NYC $91,580 Oswego $77,843

For more information on the In-Lieu Fee Program take a look at the approved ILFP instrument here (10.5 Mb file). View a flyer about the program here.