View a slideshow on Native Plants for Sustainable Landscapes by Dr. Don Leopold. This slideshow includes:

  • a discussion of native species
  • a guide to recommended species in various difficult community types
  • over 100 slides with many large, high quality photos

Click here to view a issuu slideshow of the presentation, or here for a .pdf.

Landowners Guide to State-Protected Plants of
Forests in New York State

by Dudley Raynal and Don Leopold.

About one-quarter of the vascular plant species protected by law in New York state are found in forests. The Landowner’s Guide to State-protected Plants of Forests in New York State, by Dudley J. Raynal and Donald J. Leopold (SUNY-ESF, published in 1999, 92 pages), is a glossy, colorful guide to many of these species as well as an explanation of the various legal status categories…

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Wetland Restoration and Construction
A Technical Guide 

by Thomas R. Biebighauser

The author reveals practices used to restore over 1,400 wetlands in 18 states and two Canadian provinces, answering questions asked by the thousands of professionals and landowners who have taken the hands-on wetland restoration workshops he instructs across North America…

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