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New Partnership with Wetland Restoration Expert 

Exciting news from The Wetland Trust! We are pleased to announce our partnership with Tom Biebighauser, the founder of Wetland Restoration & Training ( As one of the leading experts in wetland restoration techniques, Biebighauser has designed more than 6,000 wetland restoration projects and has supervised the construction of over 2,750 wetlands. He specializes in constructing wetlands that require little maintenance, without using concrete, water control structures, or pipes, and greatly limits the use of berms or dams in his designs. These sustainable methods ensure that the wetlands will last for generations.

Tom Biebighauser tests soil for clay content.

Tom Biebighauser tests soil for clay content 


“We are ensuring that the wetlands we restore and protect are of the highest quality by partnering with the expert who, quite literally, wrote the textbook on sustainable wetland restoration,” said Sheila Hess, Co-Executive Director of The Wetland Trust.

“Tom is wicked sharp, he always has ideas for every project,” added Jim Curatolo, the other half of the Co-Executive Director team, “I’ve known him for over 25 years, Tom is an amazing guy.”

Stephen Frantz, Harrison Frantz, Tom Biebighauser, and Michelle Herman discuss a wetland design project in the Hudson Valley

Stephen Frantz, Harrison Frantz, Tom Biebighauser, and Michelle Herman discuss a wetland project design in the Hudson Valley


The Wetland Trust (TWT) had the privilege of hosting Tom Biebighauser on a tour of TWT’s active project sites. The event culminated in a collaborative design of TWT’s newest wetland restoration project, a site adjacent to the Wallkill National Wildlife Refuge. Biebighauser later returned to give TWT staff a two-week crash course on his sustainable wetland design methodology. About working with the TWT team, Biebighauser had this to say:

“We identified, designed, marked, and documented a record number of wetland projects in only 14 days. Their positive attitudes and skills made up an awesome wetland restoration team! I look forward to returning to build wetlands with The Wetland Trust.”

You can learn more about The Wetland Trust and our work with Tom Biebighauser by visiting our website at or contacting us at 607-765-4780.