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Eastern Hellbender Recovery

Large Wetland Complex Preservation

Hudson Valley Turtle Conservation

Unique Wetlands and Wetland Bilodiversity

Conservation Comrades

Conservation Comrades New Partnership with Wetland Restoration Expert Exciting news from The Wetland Trust! We are pleased to announce our partnership with Tom Biebighauser, the founder of Wetland Restoration & Training ( As one...

Nature’s Sponge: Floodplain Wetlands in Action

In early April high precipitation levels caused flooding on the Unadilla River, along the border of Chenango and Otsego counties.

Nine Mile Swamp

The Nine Mile Swamp lies along the banks of the Sangerfield River in Oneida and Madison counties. It is the largest wetland complex in the Upper Susquehanna River Basin, comprised of a diverse mixture of northern white cedar swamp, floodplain forest, emergent marsh, and rich fens.



Marsh Birds


Inland Salt Marsh